Youth Club Sponsorships

In today’s expensive youth sports landscape, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to finance kids through sports clubs. Some can’t afford it at all. We are losing kids with immense talent who are falling through the cracks for reasons outside of their control and due to their socioeconomic status.

This was part of the reason I co-founded Gonzo Soccer in 2009. Coming from a single-parent family, I never would have been able to join a travel club soccer team. So I helped to create a free program for girls from diverse backgrounds to experience elite soccer training.

I believe we can find ways to do the following through existing clubs:

  • decrease the cost of entry for those club families
  • create scholarship programs for families that can’t justify the funding

And that can be done through existing club assets by partnering with outside companies and organizations.

Coaching Directors are busy building their elite training programs.
Coaches are busy coaching!
Club boards and parent volunteers are busy people, with 100 other things to focus on, from the kids, to the programming.

Please reach out if you need ideas for how to do this!