Independent Empire

Even though I was living it, I didn’t realize it was what I was put here to do.

For many years I was so caught up in my own career and pushing the boulder up the mountain trying to get to the top that I didn’t have time to realize how alone I was.

When I arrived to my destination only to be surrounded by men, mostly men who have never worked in sports, let alone women’s sports, it was a glaring realization for me.

We severely lack diversity at the table of women’s sports. In coaching, in executive positions, in leadership.

There’s enough studies and enough research now, that it can’t be overlooked. Diversity is good business policy. It’s not about ‘charity’ to give a woman a chance at these roles. If you want to have the best business, have diversity. Get women at the table. Now.

How can a women’s sports team be philosophized, analyzed and strategically planned without women as part of the conversation? Yeah, I don’t know either.

It’s my continued mission to find ways to put girls on the field.
And to put women at the table and in the conversation.

More to come…