University Adjunct Instructor

East Tennessee State University

Fall 2017: SALM-4230-901 Fundraising in Sport
Spring 2018: SALM-4230-901 Fundraising in Sport
Fall 2018: SALM-4230-901 Fundraising in Sport
Fall 2018: SALM-4230-902 Fundraising in Sport

Course Description
Financial issues are at the heart of the sport business. This course examines how money helps drive the sport industry and why those who can understand financial management techniques are better prepared for the industry.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize, discuss, and examine key terminology relative to sport fundraising and finance.

  • Identify and discuss current real-world examples of sport fundraising and finance.

  • Recognize social and economic factors facing sport managers.

  • Examine the economic importance of sport ticketing and merchandising operations.

  • Analyze the elements of an effective sponsorship package.

  • Identify sport industry revenue streams.

  • Discuss the use of public resources to support private sport facilities.

  • Assess the importance of organizational fundraising within the sports arena.