“Recession Proof Graduate”

recession proof graduate

After graduating during the recession he realized no amount of job applications was going to get him in the door, let alone getting a paid gig that he loved, so he ditched standard convention and reached out to seemingly unattainable entrepreneurs to offer his services, free of charge (Tim Ferriss, Tucker Max). This supposedly led to a life of dream jobs and opportunities.

I would suggest this all to be quackery if I didn’t have a similar story. After getting an MBA (something the author shuns, but I enjoyed it and learned a ton), I entered this recession era to absolutely zero call-backs on any application. I knew I wanted to be a women’s pro sports GM and knew a women’s pro soccer league was in the works.

So this story is very simple for me: I saw the pinnacle and started climbing… or to put it more eloquently, I stalked the Chicago branch of the new pro soccer league until they called me back to confirm that I did indeed want to come on board, for free, immediately after getting an MBA. “Yes, that is correct” I had to repeat. And boom, door was open and my foot was solidly in it. From there I wasted no time grinding out whatever was asked of me in whatever department at whatever hour. Three months later I was the first employee added to staff and 3 years later I was a General Manager. Goal, check.

So it’s worth the read. The reality is that we are constantly making excuses for why we can’t leave our job, or why we can’t achieve our dream job, or our life-goals… ‘I have to make money’…’I have responsibilities’…’The cost is too high’.

I’ve always believed the cost of not chasing your dreams is going to be a hell of a lot higher than scrapping by for awhile.

Make a plan… READY, GO!


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