“Sexism in Sports” That’s What She Said Podcast


A recent good-listen from the That’s What She Said podcast by Sarah Spain.

“If you know a woman in the sports industry, she probably has a story to tell of sexual harassment.”

The truth is, if you know a woman in the sports industry or ARE a woman in the sports industry, you likely have more than one story of sexual harassment to tell.

It is a bit lengthy at an hour, but realistically this could be a weekly podcast (unfortunately).

“Every successful woman I know in this industry has had to deal with and had to fight past harassment to do the job they love. It’s not about being weak, it’s not about complaining… we shouldn’t have to get through all that to get to a position of power where it doesn’t happen as often. We shouldn’t have to fight past all of that and deep down believe that we belong… but have to get through years of that before we’re into any sort of position where we have a voice and can speak out against it.”

Take a listen.