India: Day 6 | The Pink City

The last stop on our 3-day mad-dash tour of the golden triangle would take us to pink city of Jaipur, so named for the hue of most the buildings. We piled 9 strong into a ‘too tiny’ van for a 5 hour adventure. Our travel leaders were actually violently ill so their green faces were vomiting out the window. 


the ‘honeycomb’ building, Hawa Mahal, built in 1799. the red & pink sandstone give the city its moniker.
We visited a mountaintop majestic fort, called Amer Fort (another unesco world heritage site), where tourists would ride painted elephants to the top. Luckily my group has a vehement opposition to animal labor/cruelty so we hoofed it to the top on foot instead! We visited many forts/royal palaces so I’ll spare you all the details except to say each one was truly a marvel to me in its grandeur, durability and ability to stand the test of time. 
We had a mad dash nascar-style tuk-tuk ride back into Jaipur from the fort, dodging cars, goats, people and a variety of other wheeled and hoofed objects. Not recommended for motion sickness!

the stunning amer fort, built in 1592.
these beautiful, intelligent animals deserve to be in the wild, not paraded around like circus clowns.
scene from amer fort. notice the old fort perimeter wall and watch towers in the distance.


amazing and intricate ceiling work.
scene from an archway.
women who work at the fort.
fort guardians.

goat eating a rose in the temple.
the omnipresent & beloved Ganesh.
one photo, many monkeys.
tuk-tuk culprit.


erin, joe, me, rebecca. tuk-tuk selfie before our lives were compromised.
We spent the rest of the day walking the city and enjoying the sun. A highlight was a good-hearted 85 year-old man feeding ants. We also suspect he may have been responsible for the 3 tiny cups of milk left for the street dogs. Our train was 8 hours delayed returning to New Delhi so we ended up having to hire cars to get us the 5 hours back, which lets be honest, was probably 10x more comfortable than the ‘cheap’ train for just $10 more. Flight out of ND the next day and out of India and on to Nepal for our next project with Lotus Children’s Home. See you in Kathmandu 🙂

the gentle-hearted ant feeder.

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