Nepal | gods on earth

for all of the amazing and ancient things I’ve experienced while traveling in India and Nepal, a few words from one of the local gentlemen working at our hotel in kathmandu has stuck to me and not let go. he was explaining to us his experience of the great earthquake that crumbled the city last april two days after his child was born. I won’t explain the whole thing but it involved the love of a father trying to protect his new born baby girl, a falling roof, and a leopard (and yes it did play out like a great timeless fable). 

we told him we were here volunteering with an orphanage and he said very simply:

“you are gods on earth”

he went on that everybody has a choice to help. you can choose to help others or you can ignore the rest of the world or what’s suffering next to you but those that choose to help are as powerful as gods. it still makes me emotional now writing it. I think it resonates deeply for me as a non-subscriber who believes at the end of the day we only have each other and “god’s work” is done by the people. 

so here’s to all the gods on earth.


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