India – Days 1-3 | Parijat Academy

I’m so grateful I’m even writing this post. As most of you know I fell dreadfully ill with a massive sinus infection a few days before I was due to depart on this adventure. Two cancelled flights, two doctors appointments, and 6 boxes of kleenex later I finally peeled myself out of the infirmary and decided come hell, high water or 100+ fever I was going to fulfill this trip. 

To be honest it was all of the donations that pushed me over the hurdle and my fear of traveling while sick to pursue this mission. I just didn’t want to let anyone down frankly. So while I sit here in Nepal, in my 8th bed in as many nights (well, 7 beds and one Calcutta airport floor), I finally have time to reflect on the first mission accomplished at Parijat Academy in Guwahati, Assam, India. And side note: I’ve gotten a little better everyday and feeling stronger. Helping others and slingshotting yourself into dramatically foreign situations has a soul-recharging effect on me that has worked better than the multiple antibiotics and boxes of pills I desperately consumed in and effort to regain my health. 

I joined the Goodwill Globetrotting group of 8 a week after their arrival so they were well underway on the classroom project by the time I arrived (very worn and ragged from 30 hours of travel). Parijat Academy is a school for underserved children. It is a non religious and non profit school providing free education where children are encouraged to develop the positive qualities of loving kindness,compassion and universal responsibility. After being there I can vouch for the accuracy of this!


the school parking lot.

We finished the painting that night as darkness fell and added the final touch of a handprint from all of the Globetrotters.

The next morning I was in charge of soccer day for the girls of the school. The night before we had 11 signed up which ballooned to 42 by morning so I had to recruit my fellow Iowan Kristy to help coach! It was my first soccer training shared with a herd of cows, so never too old for new adventures. (Thanks to Arnim and Scott for donating the soccer balls and pennies.)

the girls picked the stretches.

we started with some team building activities.


42 girls came out to play soccer in their nice school clothes and shoes!

Then it was time for the official school opening party!


we peeled a lot of oranges for healthy party snacks.
the entire school honored us wih the traditional sash and hat of the Assam region.
the girls taught us their beyonce dance.
party crashers.
the beautiful finished classroom with two rooms!
the new sewing room to teach the kids practical skills. all part of our donation!
the first ever class in the new room!



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