Donations Accepted! Next Stop: India & Nepal


Next Stop: India & Nepal!

If you’ve landed here there is a good chance you’ve already donated to one of my projects before, and for that I am forever grateful! For newbies, a quick primer is that I founded a non-profit called Gonzo Soccer six years ago. This past October we actually held our first ever Leadership Retreat in Dallas bringing together 21 girls from our programs in the U.S., Mexico and Colombia!

Well, I’m branching out again next year and headed on the road to India & Nepal in late-January with another nonprofit group called Goodwill Globetrotting. You may remember our adventures to Kenya and Tanzania in October 2014 where, thanks to all you wonderful friends, I was able to donate hoards of soccer equipment and uniforms to local teams there.

In India/Nepal we’ll be working with two very small, local non-profit groups:

PARIJAT ACADEMY is a school for underserved children in Pamohi Village near Guwahati, Assam in India. It is a non religious and non profitable school providing free education where children are encouraged to develop the positive qualities of loving kindness,compassion and universal responsibility. We will be building a new classroom for the students while here, as well as bringing much needed supplies.

LOTUS CHILDREN’S HOME is a small family-run home that supports 9 orphaned children in Kathmandu, Nepal. They provide food, shelter, a caring family environment, and most importantly, a quality education, so that none of the children will have to return to the difficult circumstances from which they came.  Through kindness, education, and providing positive role models, they strive to give each of the children the skills they need to develop into independent dignified citizens. While here we will be building a ground-water pump for the orphanage. 

Just like my last mission in Africa and through my own non-profit Gonzo Soccer, I always strive to bring my love of soccer to kids around the world, especially young females that are always overlooked for sport. I’ll be bringing with gear, balls, and equipment to distribute.

My fundraising goal is $700, which will help cover the costs of materials to build the classroom & water pump, as well as any items from the donation list that we don’t accumulate before heading over. All funds will go towards items to assist these two organizations. Just for the record, I pay my own way there and cover my own costs, so all donations here are strictly for the non-profits and for supplies!

If you are unable to donate $, I’m also in need of 2 large suitcases to take over donated items. They can be in any condition as long as they zip! Old is ok! And we are seeking donated items from the following list. UPDATE JANUARY: We are good on batteries and I obtained 2 suitcases, thanks all! Contact me at if you have any of these items that you could contribute or if you could drop them off at Red Stars HQ at 710 W Belden Ave in Chicago, that would be stupendous as well.

Finally, I know you have a million options of where or how to donate your money. All the funds you donate here are ‘hands on’ and you’ll know exactly where and how they go. I’ll send updates during the trip so you can see your funds in action. Thank you for considering.

Goodwill India List

I’ll post fundraising updates here periodically so my ‘community’ of friends can see the progress here! UPDATE FROM THE ROAD: I reached my goal! Special thank you to Jenny, Jenn, Alicia, Rachael, Rick, Brett, Flo, Brian, Aleks, Les, Jeremy, Cy, Billy (&Family), Samantha & Matt! And also to Janet, Michelle, Cy, Arnim & Scott for the generous supplies and equipment donations!

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