Day 5: Paper-Plate Masks & Football Coaching

My days are blending together a bit because we are doing so much… We actually handed out the football uniforms today at the school, not yesterday 🙂

After that we walked to Sajos Academy which is a small school Daniel (head of Yes We Can) helps with. It is for children whose parents can’t afford the government school. Without Sajos these kids would be left out of education.

Play time before arts & crafts 🙂

I only managed to slice my finger with a knife cutting holes in the plates for the strings. Realized this when a child brought me her massacred plate with a very concerned look on her face.

Noele was on ears & teeth-making duty. It was a total hit with the kids.

In hindsight it does seem a little strange we turned the children into “muzungus” but they loved it! We saw children in the village the next day still playing with their masks.

some solid ears!

I was in charge of painting the ‘Yes We Can’ logo on the outside of the library. Until they showed up with this ‘ladder’ and I was very luckily quickly relieved of my duties.

Towards the end of the school day we headed up the very steep hill to the school where I was going to be coaching the Golden Boots boys team through a session. We had handed out the uniforms earlier in the day so they were going to debut them at tonight’s session. They don’t have a coach, they just have one boy (who actually looks like a young Mario Balotelli) who is the captain and who leads them each day. It blew my mind that they don’t have a coach at all. I wasn’t sure how they would respond to a coach, let alone a female coach, but they were so respectful and we had a great time!

Also keeping in mind this is the first time they’ve ever had uniforms and full gear. Some of the boys actually came out with the tops on backwards.

Since I was coaching I didn’t get many photos but once we return home Rebecca, our group photographer, is going to send over some good stuff that I’ll get posted.

they lead their own warmups each day then generally just play a full field game for 45 minutes. it gave me a chance to watch them and assess their talent

got to wear my coach Alyse hat for the day

The full older and younger boys groups in their kits and pinnies.

on a small patch of space off the main field, a group of girls gets together and plays every night. they were using one of the chicago red stars balls I got donated.

Another MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated to my special project. It was amazing to hand out the uniforms and work with the kids. For them to have uniforms for the first time and to get to feel like a true team all in the same gear was awesome to see. Also having the pinnies and nice balls for training is an added perk!


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