Day 6: Kiserian Library Launch & A Girls-Only Project

We had much work to do this morning, as the afternoon would mark the ‘official opening’ of the ‘Yes We Can: Community Connect Library’ here in Kiserian! We spent the morning scrambling to finish up the last minute additions to the library. While Joe & Mason built a printer table and Dawson programmed computers, us girls decided to add some pizazz to the library walls.

Outside of the library after the paintjob (which I did not do) because of the twig ladder.

putting labels on the book shelves to divide them into groupings

some of the art projects we completed to jazz up the wall spaceIMG_6273_2 IMG_0464 IMG_0466

the library will need more books but it’s a good start

the children from Sajos came for our grand opening. we had cake and food and it was a celebratory atmosphere for day 1 of the library, the first in the county!

various dvds can also be checked out from the library. this being one of my favorites, of course. i learned that most kenyans actually believe cats to be evil. children were alarmed to hear that i have an evil cat living in my apartment back home!

the kids from Sajos each received bags of snacks to take back to school with them. we also passed out notebooks for each of them.

a common interruption in these parts

these are our amazing ‘handlers’ the whole time we were in kiserian: sara, rose & rose. they walked with us everywhere and were the most wonderful hosts!

in the afternoon we asked the girls if they would take us to the town market. noele and i were on a mission to find something in particular…

victory! found what we were looking for 🙂

we also did a fun special girls-only project. we distributed pads (yes, sanitary pads) to local women in the community. we literally just walked the streets and any women we came across we gave them a donation.
Rose explained to me that many young girls miss school when they are having their period simply because they don’t have access to pads (the cost is prohibitive).

we ran out of them literally with 10 minutes so we went to another store and bought as many more as we could get and continued our project. it was a real eye-opener for me to consider that girls would miss school for something out of their control.


And this concludes our volunteer/work portion of the trip. I cannot thank all of the people enough that donated to help me with my soccer project specifically, and with both major projects in general. You all have an important role in the work that was done on these two projects!

Special thanks to Goodwill Globetrotting for the opportunity to embark on this amazing experience. Please check them out. They do two of these major trips per year and help tiny local non-profits in countries all over the world. You too can join them on their next adventure!

After this is Safari, into Tanzania & Zanzibar. Will post photos of those adventures next!


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