Day 3: Cheerful Special Home/Equator

Tuesday we visited Karatina’s very spirited outdoor market with Mama Mugweru, met parents and guardians of the Cheerful Special Home children and had a presentation of the items we brought, and went on a ‘family’ field trip to Mt. Kenya national park which is home to the equator (or part of it!).

Without further adieu:

the muddy market after more rains during the night

sis at the market

checking out the wares at mama’s friend’s stall

This is the emaciated kitty that started coming around Mama’s house last week. I named him Rags since he’s all rag and bone. Mama promised me they’d feed him so the next time I come he’ll be full grown.

Cheerful Special Home

CSH laundry out to dry

Little Ida Rose came to the parents ceremony

Parents/guardians checking the newly laid out bunk rooms

The CSH kids sang and danced for us. They were amazing!

CSH children trying on the shoes that goodwill globetrotting brought for them

Lunch with joe on the porch

Mt. Kenya shrouded in clouds

8 of us mashed into Mama’s car for a scenic tour. Here’s me, mama, noele, joe and rebecca at the equator

Nothing but open road

No filters needed in Africa

Mama made us a traditional kikuyu meal. there are over 40 ‘tribes’ in Kenya and kikuyu are the main ethnic group.

Tomorrow we finally paint the play equipment and head south of Nairobi to Kiserian for final work project with Yes We Can!

*Special shout out to Michelle Byrne who donated tons of sheets for the children! They are going to be cut in half and sewn into smaller sheets for each of them 🙂


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