Day 2: Arrival to Karatina/School Visit

We arrived to Karatina last night after the 2 hour drive north from Nairobi to work with Cheerful Special Home which was founded by one amazing woman, Margaret Mugweru, who we call affectionately Mama Mugweru. She invited all 6 of us volunteers to stay in her house, fed us 3 traditional meals per day, drove us around and cared for us while we helped her organization.

Before we arrived the boys had already started building multiple latrines for the 17 developmentally challenged kids that live there as well as completely refiguring the boys and girls sleeping rooms to give them much more space and comfort. We had add’l tasks to complete for our 2 days there so I’ll get right to the picture book:

ran into bessy on my early morning rainy walk
it rained most the morning so we couldn’t start our painting chores. we ventured into the village…
In the afternoon we visited the school where Mama Mugweru teaches a special needs class. About 180 (able-bodied) boys and girls from all over the hillside attend this little school with a beautiful view. This is her full time job in addition to the home she runs.

the children at the school were waiting for us!
we visited each class to hand out pencils and received a song from the children. my favorite was one about Jesus touching me all over my body with the movements of the macarena!
noele enjoying the classroom activities
the kids showed me some of their fantastic artwork
my sis & I were on opposing teams for a game of netball with the older girls. mind you the school was way up in the hillside so we were huffing after our 2-2 tie
i think this game is called smoosh the ‘wuzungu’! they all wanted to touch me, noele and rebecca’s hair so they more or less smothered us, ripped out our hair ties and pushed our hair all around. I was told I have very soft hair 🙂
we taught the kids how to play ‘duck, duck, goose’
some of the boys dancing for us
one of my favorite new friends, caroline
rebecca prepping for game time
i let the girls take my camera for awhile & take pics such as this one
i felt like the pied piper
mama mugweru and i above the beautiful river

tomorrow: more karatina…


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