Entering Nairobi

IMG_6177.JPGAfter nearly 24 hours of travel, including a brief layover at Heathrow and my sister nearly missing her connection making us the last two on the plane, we arrived to Nairobi sometime around 10pm local time Saturday.

Luckily Joe (head of Goodwill Globetrotting) was there to greet us since we each had two giant bags stuffed with gear for the non-profits.

This is Bailey the Buffalo which signifies which bunked dorm is ours at our hostel:
Since Noele and I were wide awake, Joe took us next door to a completely local bar where we got our first taste of a national beer as well as some amazing live music which I can only describe as a version of the Kenyan Selena (it was that amazing and they also covered dido’s ‘thank you’ so really what more is there?). Local beer, live music, dancing, and soccer on every TV. Dreamworld.

Cheers to Africa:IMG_6185.JPG
We depart tomorrow for Kiserian where we will (continue) work with the Cheerful Special Home, so unfortunately I will only enjoy these 1950s Hawaiian style sheets for one evening.

Now to pretend to sleep…

hi mom.


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