Donations Accepted! Goodwill Globetrotting – My Africa Trip 2014


Next Stop: Africa!

If you’re here you probably know about some of my non-profit work with Gonzo Soccer (website under construction!). In the last year+ GS has expanded from the U.S. into Colombia and Mexico, making us a truly international endeavor!

Well I’ve decided to branch out a bit this year and head on the road with my sister to Africa in October with another nonprofit group called Goodwill Globetrotting. While there we are going to work with two local non-profit groups:

Cheerful Special Home provides to mentally challenged orphans and our tiny group of 6 volunteers will be building a latrine/washroom for the kids, as well as room dividers (funds permitting!).

YES WE CAN provides for children affected by HIV/AIDS and children that have lost both their parents. We will be building a community library and teaching arts and crafts classes. (If anyone has a great children’s craft project help me!)

Yes We Can also runs the Kiserian Football Team which is a soccer team for talented boys recovering from drug/alcohol addiction. My special project I’ve taken on is to obtain full soccer uniforms, shin guards and cleats or running shoes for the team so they can be properly outfitted for matches.

Thanks to my beloved Chicago Red Stars organization and players, as well as Gonzo Soccer, I already have balls and a lot of girls soccer gear that I’ll be looking to distribute while there, but I need your help with my uniform project for the KFT!

My fundraising goal is $500, which will cover the jersey tops, shorts, shin guards, socks and shoes and hopefully a jacket for 15-20 kids ages 14-16. All funds will go towards items to assist these two organizations.

UPDATE Sept 22: I’ve raised enough to cover the jerseys, shorts and socks! I’m still hoping to get shin guards and possibly shoes, so thank you for visiting and considering, every bit helps!

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